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When two or more people have a legal dispute between them, the remedy for that dispute may involve money damages or specific performance. These types of cases are generally lumped into a category called civil litigation. Are you a tenant of a property that a landlord is failing to repair? Do you have a dispute with a homeowner’s association regarding some aspect of your property? Did you purchase an automobile that has a defect or problem of some type? Have you contracted to buy a house, and now the seller wants to back out of the contract? These are a few examples of cases that would fall into the category of civil litigation.

The body of civil law and the civil courts provide a means for deciding these types of disputes. The objectives of civil litigation can be the attempt to right a wrong, to force a party to honor an agreement, or settle a dispute. In such cases, the person who is wronged may get compensation, and the person who causes the wrong pays. It is also possible that the party in the wrong is required by the courts to perform some act.

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