Canada has Freed the Weed!

This week, recreational marijuana became legal throughout the entire county of Canada. Adults can now buy up to thirty (30) grams a day.  There are also eight states in the U.S. that have legal marijuana for recreational purposes.  Not the case here in Florida however.  While some Floridians do have access to marijuana for medical purpose, there’s a big asterisk: No smokeable marijuana.  That is illegal in Florida regardless of the reason.

While possession of 30 grams is no big deal in the Great White North (Canada) it can land you in a world of trouble down here in the Sunshine State (Florida).  Possession of 20 grams or more is a felony and if you are convicted for possession of any amount, your driver’s license will be suspended for a year, even when it has nothing to do with your car.

If you are facing criminal charges for possession of marijuana in Florida, contact me immediately at 904-637-2700.

*Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to be legal advice. We highly recommend speaking with an attorney if you have any legal concerns. Contacting us through our website does not establish an attorney-client relationship.*