KEYS 2 Drive: How to Avoid Jail and Get Back on the Road Legally

In the most recent statistics available, which is from 2019, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reports that in Duval County, Florida more than 9,700 citations were issued to drivers for unlawfully driving while their license was either suspended or revoked (Florida Statute 322.34) and more than 4,500 citations were issued to people driving without a valid license (Florida Statute 322.03). In Nassau County, Florida, there were approximately an additional 1,000 citations issued.

Both of these citations are criminal traffic violations that can result in the imposition of incarceration and court costs, which can lead to additional license suspensions. To help mitigate, what may seem like a never-ending cycle of suspensions and financial obligations, the State Attorney’s Office, the courts, and law enforcement have collaborated to create the KEYS 2 Drive Program, which is available in Duval and Nassau counties.

This program is designed and intended to help qualifying individuals resolve their criminal case and restore their privilege to drive. Upon successful completion of the program, you will have a valid license and your criminal charges will be dropped.

While it is not necessary to hire an attorney to take advantage of this program, there are reasons why you should. First, there are eligibility requirements you must meet. An attorney can help assess your eligibility for the program or help correct any issues that may be preventing you from being eligible. Second, if you are accepted into the program, an attorney can help you avoid later losing this opportunity, which increases your chances for successful completion.

If you are currently facing criminal charges for Driving While Licenses Suspended or Revoked, No Valid Driver’s License, Driver’s License Expired More Than 6 Months, or No or Improper Driver’s License in Duval or Nassau counties, give Luke Law, LLC a call at 904-637-2700. We can help!

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